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Luke Audio Mic Shootout with Lucas Pimentel

On March 30th 2016, LA producer Lucas Pimentel secured studio time at the legendary United Recording in Hollywood for a classic ‘microphone shootout’. United Recording is also renowned for having one of the most comprehensive and unique microphone collections in the world. The access to this collection provided Pimentel the opportunity to compare characteristics of the Luke Audio microphones to the vintage tube microphones that they were designed to emulate – including the Neumann U-47, the Neumann U-67, the AKG C12 and the Telefunken ELAM 251. Some of these classic microphones from the United Recording mic closet were once used by Frank Sinatra and many other iconic artists.

Sonic Scoop

I happened upon on the Luke Audio line this past fall while wandering aimlessly around the AES showroom floor. Tiring of the immense wave of brand names and products I was already aware of, I was craving something new and personalized.

And then, almost as if by magic, I passed a little stand with the moniker “Luke” with some very elegant-looking mics on display. The dedication to craft and quality was immediately apparent, and I quickly became enamored with this burgeoning new company from Nashville. Read More

Pro Sound Network

It seems to me there are three distinct camps, sometimes intermingled, amongst discriminating engineers and their preferred large diaphragm condensers (LDCs) for vocal applications.

There are the vintage purists, a rather privileged group who love, for example, their all-original C12s, 70s-era U87s, and so on; the vintage mod folks, adventurous ones with custom rebuilds and updates of U87, U67, ELA M 251, and ribbon mics; and the boutique people, relying on evolved, modern homages to classic designs from low original production counts. Though all different, each camp is generally expensive to reside in. Read More

A/B Samples

The following audio files were recorded by Lucas Pimentel on March 30, 2016 at United Recording, Hollywood, CA. A team of producers, engineers and artists assisted Pimentel using a variety of sources – piano, voice, guitar, percussion, etc. All A/B comparisons were recorded digitally and are available for download.

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